Fundraising Ideas

Organizing a fundraising clothing drive is a great way to raise money for your organization while also promoting teamwork, helping the community, protecting the environment, and making a difference for the greater global good. Best of all, these fundraising events won’t cost you anything more than your time and effort.

Green Threads can help your organization, school or interest group to coordinate, manage and complete a rewarding fundraising clothing drive. You bring the creativity and motivation, and we’ll provide you with the guidance and support you need to make your event a complete success! If you’re looking for some ideas on how to use a clothing drive to raise funds, we suggest the following:


Cash 4 Clothes Fundraiser

Did you know that 85% of used clothing ends up going to waste? Not only is this terrible for the environment, but it’s a loss financially since recycling both creates jobs and encourages economic growth. A Cash 4 Clothes fundraiser is designed to turn these stats around, earning you money for your organization while making sure that used clothing doesn’t end up in landfills.


School Clothing Drive Fundraiser

There are lots of ways to generate money for your school, but very few require no out-of-pocket expense. A Green Threads clothing drive will help you meet your fundraising goals without having to spend a dime. It’s also a great way to teach students about the importance of recycling and raise awareness about environmental issues.


Church Clothing Drive Fundraiser

Maybe you’ve organized similar types of clothing drives on your own, or even participated in yardsales to try and raise the much needed funds to keep your church going. The difference between these and a fundraising clothing drive with Green Threads is that you won’t have to worry about a thing. Simply collect unwanted clothing and other approved items, and we’ll do the rest!


Animal Rescue Fundraiser

Local animal shelters and rescue organizations depend on donations in order to continue doing the good work that they do. Why not help them out by organizing a fundraising clothing drive? It won’t cost you a penny and you’ll raise much-needed funds to help save the lives of animals in need. It’s an event everyone can feel good about!


Wildlife Conservation Fundraiser

Provide the opportunity for citizens to be a champion for those who don’t have a voice. With every penny you raise, you have the chance to help protect endangered animals, provide much-needed support to animals that are in crises situations and rescue creatures that are in harms way. Fundraising can truly make a difference in the lives of animals in need.


Medical Research Organization Fundraiser

Do you know someone that is suffering from a certain medical disorder for which increased awareness and additional financial support could help to facilitate a cure? Why not host your own fundraising clothing drive? You’ll spearhead an effort that will truly make a difference in the lives of those in need while also making a positive impact on the environment. Medical research fundraisers are truly a win-win for everyone involved!

If you’re thinking about organizing a clothing drive fundraiser, now’s the time to do so. Give us a call today and get started!